Outside The Box, October 2013

I run a monthly school-wide puzzle contest that I call Outside The Box. October’s OTB challenge was the first of the school year, and I was testing the waters to see if there’s enough interest to keep it going for 2013-2014 (last year, I stopped around February, partially because of Robotics competition season and partially because of thinning participation).

Here is the challenge I posed to the school on Oct. 1st:

October’s OTB Challenge.mp4

Using (recycled) paper, create the two objects in the video. Your creations should have the same folding abilities as the ones featured.

All valid solutions will receive a prize. The size of that prize depends on the number of people who submit correct solutions.

(Apologies to Paul and Justin for removing important credit… I’m trying to make the solution ungooglable. I will include full credit when I give solutions on Nov. 1st!)

I’m happy to report that I received a collaborative solution from two S4 students today! (S4 = Grade 10/11 at my school)
Their awesome solution can be found here: October’s OTB Solution, Alev and Monica.mp4

So at least some prizes will be given this month, hopefully the first of many this year! 😀


4 thoughts on “Outside The Box, October 2013

  1. That’s fantastic, Nathan! How exciting that two students picked up your challenge and ran with it. I’d be curious to know how they figured out what to make. It makes me happy to play a part in such a cool school-wide activity. Thanks for sharing!

    • Monica & Alev says:

      Hi, our names are Monica and Alev and we are the students who did the outside of the box challenge. Mr. Chow wanted us to share how we did it, however it wasn’t all that exciting. We thought we could easily attempt this challenge one day, so we looked up a tutorial on Youtube. We really didn’t use our spatial reasoning or anything to figure out how this was made, but our research application skills. It took us an hour to build and perfect the star cube/ flexicube and it was lots of fun!

  2. nathanchow says:

    Thanks Justin, you two created an excellent video that inspired me!

    I’ve asked the two students to post a response here on their thought process. Watch this space. 🙂

  3. Vicky Wang says:

    Hi I am Vicky and I did the outside of the box challenge with my friend help. At first, I thought I should cut some A4 paper in same small square-shape pieces. And then, I fold them( looked like 4 square in one square) and try many ways to make a cube. But after I made that, it couldn’t change the shape. With Mr. Chaykowski’s help, we decided to make some pyramids, so I drew one square with four triangles around, copied, pasted, printed and cut them. Last, I sticked them together, and we could change it in different shapes. It took us about more than two weeks cause we didn’t do it every day, and I feel when you thought about the method, it was very hard, but after that, it became easy and interesting.

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